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Art by Ensamble seeks to create expressions that represent different landscapes in a new light. The Art works below highlight a selection of different themes that arise from experiments. These represent what Ensamble Studio seek to enhance in space by adding a unique touch to it. The colors, tones and textures of each artwork evokes a certain emotion that can potentially create special moments. Browse our collection of works to purchase a painting now!

We present to you art in three categories:


Corten 01

The Earth, a reflection of the landscape - everchanging, rough and dirty, yet beautiful in its own way. These art works allude to the rupestre but add a contemporary look to them. Capturing the dirt, the grit and the organic life that comes with the ground and its landscape - mixed with resin and cast over fiberglass.


Frost 02 closeup 2

The Water, a symbol of fluidity and organic motion - calm yet has the potential to become dynamic. These art works capture different moments frozen in time, but retaining the robustness of the subjects of the painting enhancingthe life of water, in a fluid and organic way, over a canvas of resin and fiberglass.


Supervivere 06 closeup 1

The Garden, a mixture of organic and inorganic elements that come together as a fluid work of art. Holding within it life, frozen in time and highlighting the landscape of its origins. Freezing organic life and capturing the natural environment through motifs of flora and fauna on a canvas of fiberglass and resin.

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